Harvard Museum of Natural History

Museum Rebrand
This project is a series of investigations in rebranding the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History strives to enhance public understanding of the natural world and human place in it., sparking curiosity and a spirit of discovery in people of all ages. The image below portrays the museum's website homepage and depicts their brand identity.

When I was brainstorming and sketching concepts I investigated ideas that revolved around nature. It was challenging to find a way to represent a broad subject such as natural history in a symbol or icon. I explored different kinds of typographical and pictorial marks.

I approached the logo design in an illustrative manner because I was looking to include an organic element to a museum brand about nature, rather than having it strictly geometric or overly simplistic. I narrowed my choices between the two iterations depicted above.

I ended up going with the deer illustration, as the other choice of the skeleton illustration could possibly mistake the museum for one that's about dinosaurs or fossils. I felt the logo was an elegant balance between a clean simple modern aesthetic and an expressive organic illustration. The logo would change color depending on how dark or light its background is.

I wanted to give the museum homepage a clean and elegant look. I was looking to heavily incorporate photography to help bring out personality to the brand image and layout the content in simple organized grids.

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